Practice Areas

Industrial Designs

WIPO has referred to Industrial Designs as “one of the key factors that attracts the consumer to a product, or leads to prefer using one product over another”. Therefore, we made it one of the firm’s top priority to provide our clients with a wide range of services related to Industrial design applications and their protection, namely meeting the main requirement of novelty.

Comprehensive search is conducted on each Industrial design in order to determine whether the design is available for registration while considering its various design aspects.

The investigation process is conducted in order to locate additional information on potentially conflicting designs and to determine whether the conflicting designs are registered or used in the targeted market and to which extent their protection extends.

Registration and grant
Design registration is an industrial property right that protects the external appearance of the (two or three dimensional) products before use. The intended Industrial design application for filing is prepared by our team in accordance to each country’s requirements, and consequently filed under Locarno classification. The design in some countries is published in the Official Gazettes and followed by a wait period to allow for third party opposition and registered afterwards, assuming the latter does not occur. On the other hand, some jurisdictions issue the registration certificates prior to final publication.

The protection can be renewed, in order to keep our client’s intellectual property registrations up-to-date, we provide a maintenance service, which insures the Renewal of designs’ registrations in their designated countries. The purpose of a maintenance procedure is to ensure that no registrations are canceled due to failure to file necessary and time sensitive documents.

FAIP protection service is an on-going program designed to protect, maintain and enhance the value of the design, as part of the "IP Watch" program aimed at discovering designs being applied for or used in the marketplace that may infringe or dilute the uniqueness and value of the client’s designs.