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The Middle Eastern region has experienced increasingly developing markets. Global corporations, private investors, and national business entities have shown special interest in exploring new markets within the region.
Such exploration in an active market elevates the level of competition among the different enterprises which requires clever strategic planning in order to preserve the uniqueness of their services, and protects the high standards and credibility of their products which are usually known for consumers in the form of Trademarks. 
It is therefore that Trademarks are becoming one of the most valuable intangible assets of today’s business world.
At AIP, we built genuine reputation of working to constantly innovate and improve our services in field of Trademarks protection.
Attereh Intellectual Property provides the following services regarding trademarks:
·         Clearance:
Comprehensive search is conducted on each trademark in order to determine if the intended trademark is available for use and registration.
·         Investigation:
Investigation process is conducted in order to locate additional information on potentially conflicting trademarks and determine if the conflicting registered or used trademarks located are still in use in the marketplace.
 ·         Filing & registration:
The filing process is conducted in order to determine if the proposed trademark is confusingly similar to any trademarks already registered, and thereafter publish it in the Official Gazette, which provides anyone who believes they would be damaged by the registration of the published mark an opportunity to challenge the proposed registration. If no oppositions are filed, or if any opposition is successfully overcome, the application will proceed to registration.
·      Maintenance:
Maintenance keeps you up-to-date on any legal procedures that must be filed to keep your registration active; this includes Renewal of the Trademark application. The purpose of a maintenance procedure is to ensure that no trademark registrations are canceled due to failure to file necessary and time sensitive documents.
 ·         Protection:
The protection is an on-going program designed to protect, maintain and enhance the value of the trademark, which includes the "IP Watch" program to find trademarks being applied for or used in the marketplace that may infringe or dilute the uniqueness and value of the trademark property.
In case of infringement, exploitation or violation, AIP in cooperation with its holding firm HAG is qualified to advise on the legal procedures entailed as well as prosecute on their behalf of what to serve the best interests of our clients.

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