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Patents as being one of the most common forms of Intellectual Property, is among these most recognized rights. The role of Patents in business has exploded thus the legal procedures entailed have become increasingly complicated, as well as more time consuming.

At Attereh Intellectual Property, we understand the heavy burden placed on our clients in having to deal with such procedures.

Attereh Intellectual Property is serving its clients with a dynamic solution-oriented team of attorneys and professionals in order to make them have patents that are not vulnerable to competitor’s challenges.

To protect your inventions, Attereh Intellectual Property professionally offers you an extensive service in all stages of patent proceedings.

Our team of patent experts provides a full range of services, including:

  • Counselling on validity, enforceability, and infringement of patents
  • Counselling on patent litigation strategies
  • Drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications
  • Patent maintenance which includes:

Ø  paying annuities,

Ø  Preparation of deed of assignments / license agreements,

Ø  Recordal of assignments / licenses / company merges,

Ø  Recordal of name / address / status changes,

  • Patent litigation, including oppositions, preliminary injunctions and infringement claims
  • Drafting confidentiality clauses and non-disclosure agreements


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