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About Us


The importance of intellectual property continues to grow as the global commercial environment becomes more competitive. This is especially true as the economies of emerging market countries increase their presence within the global market. In this way the intangible assets of a business become just as valuable as the physical assets.

For this reason, and to support its growing and diverse national and international customer base, Hussam Attereh Group – a law firm with over 30 years experience - took the brave and unconventional step of establishing an intellectual property firm, named Firas Attereh Intellectual Property (AIP).
AIP offers counselling on all contentious and non-contentious matters across the full spectrum of intellectual property in the Middle East region. Our services include assisting clients with the identification, development, maintenance, protection, enforcement and management of their intellectual property rights.
Our driving-force and subsequent success is the belief that protecting intellectual property rights encourages fair competition in the market. It also protects businesses and consumers from fraudulent behavior that might have long-lasting damage.


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